Students attending Canutillo Middle School STEAM Academy are required to follow a specific dress code.

The school dress code is currently under-going revisions and will be posted as soon as it is available here:

A major part of the Canutillo Middle School STEAM Academy dress code is that students are required to wear their school I.D. The I.D. must be VISIBLE at ALL TIMES AROUND THEIR NECKS.

Students that do not have their I.D. are allowed to call home at the beginning of the day to see if their I.D. can be brought to them.

If a student’s I.D. is lost or unrecognizable (meaning they have scratched out, stickered over or otherwise defaced their ID) they must get a new one at a cost of $5.00

Students are always given the opportunity to call home to avoid any penalties they may have to face for being out of dress code.