Parent Teacher Organization

2023-2024 Canutillo Middle School STEAM Academy
Parent Teacher Officers


HeatherVizcaya_PTO President 

  Heather Vizcaya, PTO President

   My name is Heather Vizcaya otherwise known as “Maycie’s     
   Mom.” I have been married to my husband Yassir (V) for 14 years 
   and we are a retired military family. We love El Paso and now call 
   it home. I have always enjoyed serving and volunteering in my
   community. I am a full-time wife and mom these days but in my
   prior career, I specialized as a contract and budget analyst for
   oncology research trials. I look forward to helping our Campus of
   Champions have their best school year ever.

IvonneValdez_PTO VP 
   Ivonne Valdez, PTO Vice-President

    Hi my name is Ivonne Valdez and I am the proud mother of 
    3 kids. This is my first year to serve in as PTO Vice-
    President. My role as the Vice-President is to assist the
    president in implementing the goals of the PTO as well as
    setting up fundraisers. I enjoy attending my kids sporting
    events and enjoy being a full time mom.


ViennaSepluveda_PTO Sec   Vienna Sepulveda, PTO Secretary

      My name is Vienna Sepulveda, and my son Frank is a
      student at CMSSA. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas.
      I attended Canutillo ISD from Kinder through 12 and
      graduated Canutillo High School in 2008. (Once an Eagle,
      Always an Eagle!) At the moment, I am a full-time wife
      and mom of 3 children. I graduated with a Bachelor’s
degree and started a career in case management. I have
worked with Child Protective Services and as well with
     Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) for Unaccompanied
     Minors crossing the border for a better life. I look forward
     to help and support our children throughout the school year.

NoemiVelazquez_PTO Treas   
    Noemi Velazquez, PTO Treasurer

       Hi! I'm Noemi Velazquez , a proud Canutillo High School
       graduate and El Paso native. As a full time mom and wife,
       my days are pretty hectic! I have an awesome 7th grader at
       CMS and a fearless 3rd grader at JDE. When I'm not busy
       being a mom or attending PTO meetings, I work part-time
       from home taking care of the accounting for our family
       owned business. My second year volunteering as part of the
       CMS PTO has been rewarding. I’m now thrilled and loving
       being the Treasurer for PTO as it has been full of exciting
       challenges and opportunities. I'm always looking for new
       ways to support and encourage our children's education and
       hope you will join us too!

GloriaGarcia_PTO MC   Gloria ‘Gigi’ Garcia, PTO
   Member Coordinator

     I'm Gloria or Gigi, a former CISD student and 
     proud to
be an Eagle! I'm excited to be the Member
     Coordinator for a second term! I have always been
passionate about helping others and volunteering,
only in my childrens' schools but with the
Ronald McDonald House Charities, Youth Impact,
and other organizations. I firmly believe that every
student has the potential to succeed especially if we
become immersed in their learning. In my previous
role as a Treasurer for BCE, I saw firsthand the
power of a
positive, supportive school community
    and I know we
will offer the same at CMSSA. I am
committed to creating a safe and inclusive
environment at CMSSA where every student can thrive.

I'm looking forward to working with all of you to create a positive, supportive school community where every student can reach their full potential.

For additional information regarding the CMSSA PTO, please contact the CMS Eagles PTO Board at: [email protected] and on our social media Facebook and Instagram pages.  To contact our CMSSA Campus Parent Liaison, Ms. Bianca Torres Torres, she is located in Room 309 or via email at: [email protected]