Math Honor FAQ and Meeting Recordings
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FAQ from Meeting on July 21, 2021:

Q: How do we know which pathway our child is in?
A: Parents if you are not sure which pathway your child is in ex…6th grade taking 7th or 8th grade honors Math, you can call the school and ask to speak to a Counselor or you can ask to speak to our Instructional Coach. They will be able to look up and tell you which pathway your child is in. Please call 915-877-7900.

Q: Hello, will the slides be available after the presentation?
A: You can access the PPT by clicking HERE.

Q: Are this classed pre-ap?
A: No, the classes are not Pre-AP they are honors classes. According to College Board, we are not allowed to use the term Pre-AP unless we purchase the rights of a Pre-AP subject area, such as Algebra 1, which is normally taken at the HS level. Algebra 2 will be the last course offered for students.

Q: If we want to change the pathway chosen, can we?
A: All students recommendation of their given pathway has been closely evaluated. It is not recommended that a student goes of track. This can also be discussed with teacher, but ultimately the campus Principal will make the decision.

Q: If a child opted out of any honors courses but they were selected, how does this affect their personal choice(s)?
A: If you have opted your child out of honors courses, we ask that you meet with a principal to discuss the circumstances. We want all students to have the opportunity to take a honors level class rather it is in Math, Science, English Language Arts Reading or Social Studies.

Q: Will these classes have a smaller student to teacher ratio?
A: We will do our best to make sure class sizes are small. Math classes are structured to receive small group instruction as well. Students will also be with the same grade level students.

Q: If this class is recommended to my child are they automatically placed in this class?
A: Yes, they are automatically placed. If you feel otherwise, please reach out to the campus. If you are interested in enrolling in an advanced math pathway, please notify Canutillo Middle School, or email Dr. Yirah Valverde at [email protected]

Q: If they struggle what kind of daily Interventions/ help will be available?
A: PLCs meet every day to discuss student data and progress. They also build strategic lesson plans to address the needs of our students. Our teachers offer tutoring weekly. As a campus, we are looking to hire more personnel that will help with our small group interventions not only in Math but in all core subject areas. Our teachers also offer supports during Mentoring Minds, which is our enrichment class.