CMS Athletic Coordinator
Sharon Norris
    It has been my pleasure coaching at CMS for the last 34 years and serving as the CMS Athletic Coordinator.  I will miss being part of this great coaching staff and leading this fine group of coaches. 
    CMS Athletes you will always be a big part of my heart and my memories of CMS. Remember.....
  You are the Campus of Champions!!
All my love,
 Coach Norris

CMS Athletic Trainer
Hillary Avila
CMS Coaching Staff 19-20

Campus of ChaMpionS
Train to Reign

     The Canutillo ISD Athletic Program is an essential part of complete and well-rounded education. It is our mission to ensure and enhance the quality of life for our students by providing competitive activities. Sports programs help students develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. CISD athletic programs are competitive and diversified, allowing students the opportunity to realize their full potential relative to growth and development. All programs are designed not only to teach athletic skills, but also to instill good character and teach sound values.